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Rap to a Film Score?

I always get inspired by the musical scores in movies. One day I thought about what would happen if I tried to rap to one, so I reached out to talented composer Stephen Anderson, who created this loose cinematic interpretation of the hymn “Father in Heaven, We Do Believe” (see if you can pick out the melody if you’re familiar with it). Then I just put my headphones on, closed my eyes, and wrote what the music spoke to me. This is the result:



New track – Top of the World

A new track from the album! Ok, you might have heard this one before – a rough version was floating around the internets a couple years ago. Here’s a more polished version, though still unmastered. More on the way.

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Album Update – June 23

Just a quick update on the progress of the album… I’m at different stages of 13 songs right now. Working with some great producers and starting to collaborate with some distinguished guest artists. A few songs are already finished and will be posted here within the next few weeks.

I don’t want to let too much out of the bag just yet – I will share more details as the release gets closer. Just wanted to let y’all know that progress is being made. Conscious hip-hop is still alive! What I can say right now is that there will be something for everyone. Something to make you think, something to nod your head to, something to inspire you, something to make you move, maybe even something epic. And some surprises.

Stay tuned.


Do call it a comeback

I’m officially off hiatus and in the studio! I finally decided to put aside a lot of other projects and get back to doing whats most meaningful to me – making music. And you’re looking at the new site. Blog style as you can see. A bit of a work in progress for sure, but I wanted to get something up while I’m working on the new album. Something more interactive and evolutionary. I plan on sharing some of the tracks here as well as documenting the creative process. I also might post other musings such as social commentary, movie/book reviews, etc. We’ll see.

I want to thank everyone for their support. I apologize for taking this long. While I haven’t released any new material in a while, I have been continuously gathering my thoughts and figuring out how to express them via beats and rhymes. I have a lot to say and I can promise that this album will be by far my best work. Here’s to the journey.