If you are reading this you have computer and you like music, so chances are that you’ve heard of Pandora. If not, it’s a website/app that works like a radio station, only it does a really good job of playing music that you like. You just give it the name of one of your favorite artists and it does the rest, providing a constant stream of music catered to your personal musical tastes.

How does it work? Very meticulously actually, powered by something called the Music Genome Project. A bunch of musically trained people listen to every song accepted into the project and analyze it based on 400 musical characteristics with the goal of identifying specific “genes” that capture the unique and magical musical identity of a song. Pandora matches these genes with other songs with similar genes, and the result is a stream of music that you are pretty much guaranteed to enjoy.

They recently added me as an artist and The Meridian of Rhyme went into the project. So of course I had to create a “Qwiet” station and see what other artists and songs they played alongside mine. There were some surprises and some artists that I’ve never heard of but do have things in common with, but I was happy that some of the artists I really respect came up, like Shad, Braille, and Lupe Fiasco to name a few.

And that got me thinking.

What if our lives were like one big album that we’re making? What if when we die a bunch of people highly trained in such matters analyze our greatest hits (and misses) and create a Pandora-style radio station based on the eternal identity that we’ve forged for ourselves? Which people’s songs would play on your station? Who’s station would you want your songs to be played on?

In other words, where will your life story fit in the Human Genome Project?