I’m officially off hiatus and in the studio! I finally decided to put aside a lot of other projects and get back to doing whats most meaningful to me – making music. And you’re looking at the new site. Blog style as you can see. A bit of a work in progress for sure, but I wanted to get something up while I’m working on the new album. Something more interactive and evolutionary. I plan on sharing some of the tracks here as well as documenting the creative process. I also might post other musings such as social commentary, movie/book reviews, etc. We’ll see.

I want to thank everyone for their support. I apologize for taking this long. While I haven’t released any new material in a while, I have been continuously gathering my thoughts and figuring out how to express them via beats and rhymes. I have a lot to say and I can promise that this album will be by far my best work. Here’s to the journey.